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Vinyl Siding & Soffit

Heartland CedarMAX

CedarMAX combines Heartland exclusive Multi-Life 4 Super Polymer Vinyl Formulation with the EP-Xtra (tm) Foundation of Protection. The result is a product that goes far beyond ordinary siding.

Up to 20% Energy Savings Guaranteed Cedar

  • CedarMAX gives you many times the insulating protection of conventional vinyl siding.
  • Superior insulation value means up to 20% savings on your energy bill.
  • CedarMAX adds living comfort, fighting off cold in winter and holding in the cool in summer.

Up to 500% Greater Impact Resistance

  • CedarMAX is built to withstand practically anything that nature dishes out (not to mention the neighborhood kids).
  • With its EP-Xtra (tm) Foundation of Protection, CedarMAX delivers up 500% greater impact resistance than regular vinyl siding.

Greater Strength & Rigidity

  • CedarMax ensures a clean, straight look -- it can even straighten imperfections and wavy walls.

Reduced Sound Transmission

  • Enjoy a more peaceful home -- CedarMAX greatly reduces sound transmission into the home.

Does Not Support Combustion

  • CedarMAX is produced with a fire retardant additive that minimizes its contribution to a fire and does not support combustion.
  • Plus, by filling the air space behind the siding, it avoids the "chimney effect" that can support the flammability of other sidings.

Repels Insects

  • Discourages termites and carpenter ants with Perform Guard ®, a special additive incorporated into the EP-Xtra (tm) Foundation of Protection using a patented process.
  • Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, Perform Guard ® is non-toxic and safe to handle.

Lets Your Home "Breathe"

  • CedarMAX does not trap harmful water vapor that can result in the growth of toxic mold and mildew that causes wood rot or "sick home syndrome".

5x Greater Impact Resistance

  • CedarMAX has 5 times the impact resistance of regular vinyl siding (160 to 300 psi compared to 60 to 90 psi).

Solid Protection

  • Unlike conventional hollow siding that can crack or break on impact, CedarMAX with EP-Xtra (tm) gives a solid foundation of support against rain, hail, wind, or thrown or falling objects.
  • With its foundation of protection, CedarMAX will not chip, crack, peel, rot, blister, rust, flake, corrode, or be consumed by termites.

When correctly installed, CedarMAX Thermal Siding can help meet the performance guidelines of an ENERGY STAR ® qualified new home.

MAXimum protection

Best of all, CedarMAX gives you a Lifetime Plus Limited Warranty to protect your home and your peace of mind.