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Mastic Soffit

Mastic products represent a legacy of durability that has been trusted by homeowners and professionals for years. The quality soffit & fascia products are solidly constructed and come in a wide array of colors that give you the freedom to explore new design ideas. All Mastic soffit & fascia products are backed by comprehensive warranties that are among the best in the business.

Soffit plays a crucial role in protecting your home. The more ventilation area you can provide, the more efficient and effective your home will be at venting the moist air. Ideally, soffit will be fully vented for maximum airflow. This intake of fresh air through your home helps moisture and excess heat escape. By preventing trapped moisture, soffit helps prevent moisture related problems like rotting, mold and ice build-up. Sufficient air circulation also improves indoor air quality. This prevents factors like Sick Home Syndrome, which can cause a number of health related issues in occupants.

Why should you install fully vented soffit?

  • Air always contains water
  • When air contacts a cold surface, condensation occurs
  • Condensation can damage wood, plaster, paint and insulation
  • Damp conditions can lead to mold and mildew growth
  • Most states allow exclusion of mold damage from homeowner insulation policies
  • Ventilation is critical to help eliminate damage to your home

Get the ventilation you need with the beauty you want!