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Weather Stopper System

Leak Barrier

A Quality Leak Barrier Will Help: Create a watertight seal that keeps water out at the most vulnerable areas of your roof (at the eaves and rakes, in valleys, around chimneys, etc.). Protect your home by preventing costly repairs due to wall or ceiling straining. Prevent leaks due to water damming in your gutters, wind-driven rain and, in colder areas, damaging ice dams.

Weather Watch® Leak Barrier is a key part of the Weather Stopper® Integrated Roofing System - the best and safest choice for protecting your most valuable asset. The Weather Stopper system has also earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal, which means that Good Housekeeping stands behind the products in this system.
(Refer to Good Housekeeping magazine for its consumer protection policy.)

GAF Weather Watch Leak Barrier
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