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Our Process ...

    Begins and ends with a project manager. When your request for a home improvement evaluation and estimate is received, your information is handed off to the manager whose expertise best matches your project. This person is your point of contact throughout the entire series of events. Your project manager provides the investment quotation, assists in your selection from our broad array of quality products, and personally places your product order with our distributors.

As the installation date draws near, your project manager will contact you to alert you to material delivery times. On the start date, the appropriate crew(s) arrives accompanied by your manager. It is the manager's responsibility to oversee all aspects of the project, and to serve as liaison between you and the installation experts. The importance of this function is two-fold: 1) You have one point of contact, which saves you time and assures that all communication is clear and understood; 2) The project manager is a construction expert and recognizes proper work flow and technique, enabling a smooth and flawless project completion.

The final step in our process is the walk-through of the finished project. You and your project manager will carefully inspect all completed work together so that both of you will have the benefit of knowing that every detail has been given full attention. Upon your satisfied acceptance of the completed project, our office will forward to you all product warranties, and a Customer Survey. We are in a continual process improvement mode and rely heavily upon the Survey to facilitate future business operations, so your input is crucial to this process.

Our process is what creates our sustained competitive advantage -- it is what sets us apart from other home improvement companies. Our process defines the way that a professional home improvement company operates.

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