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Therma- Tru
True innovation in entryways

The problem with traditional doors.

Wood doors aren't very energy efficient. They also crack, swell, warp and rot. Leading to frequent maintenance. Steel doors are more durable, but they easily dent, ding and rust. And if a door's parts aren't designed as a system, they won't work well together or stand the test of time.

The solution is fiberglass.

A fiberglass door simply outperforms wood and steel doors. It won't crack, swell, rot, dent, ding or rust - so it's virtually maintenance free. And only Therma-Tru fiberglas entryways offer full door systems designed, built and tested to the industry's highest standards.

Therma-Tru fiberglass advantages.


  • Our grain technologies make our doors virtually impossible to tell from real wood.
  • A wide range of surfaces from smooth paintable to stainable grains.


  • Won't crack, swell, split, rot, dent, ding or rust.
  • deigned to meet stringent building codes.

Energy efficiency

  • polyurethane foam core offers five times the energy efficiency of wood.
  • high-quality weatherstrip, kerfed door bottom and adjustable sill provide a tight seal


  • optional adjustable security strike plate resists 450lbs. of force.
  • optional multi-point locking system available for enhanced security.


  • classic-craft ® and fiber-classic®: Lifetime Limited.
  • Smooth-Star®: 20-year limited.