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From the Outside In.


Marvin Sliding French DoorSince the late 1930’s, Marvin has been creating windows of superior quality with a human touch.  The company has earned a reputation for fine craftsmanship, using only quality materials to build windows and doors that are beautiful and long lasting.  Recognizing a need for non-wood replacement windows for discerning homeowners like you, Marvin presents Infinity, a revolutionary line of exceptional replacement products from an industry leader.


You and your home deserve Infinity from Marvin.

Attractive, durable, virtually maintenance free and professionally installed, Infinity windows are made (inside and out) with Ultrex© - a pultruded fiberglass material that outperforms and outlasts all other window materials. 



Ultrex© Fiberglass is 8x stronger than vinyl and can take whatever your family and mother nature dish out.  In fact, it is such a solid, long lasting material that it is trusted for use in bridge construction.


Made with strong cables of glass that are saturated with specially compounded resins, Ultrex© is durable, non-corrosive, has low thermal conductivity, and is virtually maintenance free.  The superior strength of Ultrex© fiberglass allows the window frame profile to be narrower than those with frames made of vinyl or wood, giving you more visible glass area.  And no matter how extreme the temperatures get in your region of the country, Ultrex© stays square and true.


Ultrex can also be painted without compromising the structural integrity of the window. 


EverwoodEverWood is a revolutionary interior wood grain finish that looks, feels, paints and stains like real wood, yet it is made of an inorganic material for years of lasting beauty.  Its natural appearance beautifully compliments any interior woodwork in your home.  Now you can enjoy all the benefits of wood in a superior low-maintenance replacement window by Infinity from Marvin.


This material will not absorb moisture or decay over time.  There is no warping, discoloration, material degredation, expansion, or contraction, just remarkably reliable performance and lasting beauty year after year.